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The Crysler Community Centre Park


The Crysler Community Centre Park

The John Crysler Park is a beautiful area, home to a boat launch with parking, gazebo, soccer football filed, children’s park. Visit our park and enjoy the scenis sites our Nation river . JCP is also home to TBO PLACE , a the perfect venue to host more intimate events. It is also home to our summer camp.

Rules of your park:

  • No dogs are allowed in the Park. Towhship by-lay #
  • No trespassing from 11 pm and 6 am
  • No littering
  • No motorised vehicles
  • No dogs are allowed in the Park. This was a very hard decision to make, but there have been too many issues concerning some dog owners that do not respect the poop and scoop law. We have been forced to put this new by-law into effect immediately. Spring is upon us and the community will be using the Park for different activities, including sports. Let’s all work together to have a clean Park!
  • The rink has been removed and drainage has been installed throughout the Park for our future soccer/football field
  • Our Beach Volleyball has been relocated to the west side of the kids park and upgraded to a double court
  • Plans of the layout of the renovated park will be on display during the month of May Community Supper
  • A $25,000.00 Grant request has been sent to Hydro. We should be receiving an answer in the upcoming weeks
  • Crysler Home Hardware wins $2,500 for tree plantation project. Tree’s will be planted in park this October
  • Crysler Park gets a $15,000.00 donation from Hydro
  • Cleaning in kids park done. Seeding also done in kids park
  • Volleyball nets are up and sand is in. Time to start volleyball nights (Tuesdays)
  • Stone wall installed at boat dock…. awesome job, looks great
  • Damages done to the Paul Provost’s Bulldozer in the park. Anyone with info is asked to contact Pierre or Luc
  • Crysler wins $3,000 for the park at the St-Albert Cheese Festival
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