👏🏻BBQ • September 16 • 11-3pm🪅

Kansas City Style Pulled Pork Sliders: Loaded onto a fresh bun, sloppy or neat, slathered with our P-Funk BBQ Sauce for the ultimate pulled pork sandwich.

Smoked Bologna Sliders: Yup. This is exactly what you think it is. Heaped onto a fresh bun, with a dab of our P-Funk BBQ sauce… these sliders put your lunchbox bologna to shame!

Crowley’s award-winning P-Funk BBQ Sauce: Our P-Funk BBQ Sauce is a gorgeous dark sauce, sweet with a slightly spicy kick on the finish. Perfect on ribs, brisket, burgers, pulled pork… anything you’d put BBQ sauce on. But better.

We will also have bottles of P-Funk BBQ Sauce and Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce available for purchase at the event.

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