The Crysler Community Center - Our Vision​

Our Vision

Enhancing the quality of life for Crysler residents through a wide range of innovative, inclusive, and accessible programming.

The ccc is located in the beautiful community of Crysler, Ontario in the Township of North Stormont, in the county of SD&G. The Crysler community centre welcomes its local residences and neighbours for various activities such as community suppers, weekely bingos and summer camp program and winter. The Crysler community Centre is also very proud of its grounds . The John Crysler park has beautiful landscaping along the South Nation River. It is also home to a volleyball court, base diamond, soccer/football field, children’s playground and much more. The Crysler community Centre has an executive committee. The excutive committee is a group of dedicated volunteers from our community.

  • Président
    Pierre Thibault
  • Vice-President
    Luc Breton
  • Treasurer
    Rachelle Lafrance
  • Recreation Coordinator
    Dan OConnel
  • Events Coordinator
    Martine Quesnel
  • Secretary
    Sheryl Johnston
  • Director
    Danielle Linnett
  • Director
    Yvon Quesnel
  • Director
    Jean Stockli
  • Director
    Alain Leduc
  • Director
    Rita Leroux
  • Director
    Roger Lafrance
  • Director
    Jasmine Breton
  • Director
    Michel Lefevbre
  • Director
    Chantal Desrosiers
  • Director
    Pascal Théoret & Dominique Lanteigne
  • Director
    Linda Kollesh